He is hired as distinguished researcher (CIDE-GENT) at the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (ICBIBE) of the University of Valencia (Spain). His research areas include aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment. He is specialist on the establishment of environmental monitoring programs, the use of micro- and mesocosms, and the use of models to assess the single and combined effects of climate change and chemical pollution in aquatic ecosystems. Andreu Rico has participated in over 15 national and international projects, and has published over 80 papers in highly renowned journals.
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PhD researcher
He obtained his MSc and BSc from the Autonomous University of Madrid on environmental sciences and ecology. He has collaborated in different research projects on aquatic ecology, including the LIFE Cañadas project. Within ERAHUMED he will design and execute mesocosm experiments to assess the resilience of aquatic communities to pesticides and will develop ecological models to quantify chemical impacts on ecosystem services.
Research technician
She got her diploma on biology with focus on environmental sciences from the University of Chile and has participated in several programing courses (MATLAB, Java, Python). During her undergraduate studies she collaborated in several projects on community dynamics, assessing plant-pollinator networks, and studying the dynamics of food webs in polluted environments. Moreover, she has participated in several studies on metacommunities in aquatic environments and applied mathematical models to answer ecological research questions. Within ERAHUMED, she will collaborate in the mesocosm studies, will develop ecological models, and will assess the effects of multiple stressors on trophic networks.
Research technician
He is specialist on the use of GIS tools and the modeling of water, nutrient and pesticide fluxes in eutrophic wetlands and agricultural landscapes, as well as on the evaluation of ecosystem services. He has participated in over 10 projects focusing on ecological restoration and management of wetlands, as well on several national and international conferences and seminars. He has participated in over 15 papers, being first author in many of them. Within ERAHUMED, he will develop hydrological models able to assess the influence of different management measures on pesticide and nutrient loads in the Albufera Lake, and will collaborate in field monitoring campaigns.
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